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1,300 times bigger than Sun: Largest yellow ‘hyper-giant’ star identified

Source : RT / 14 Mar 2014

Astronomers have identified the largest ‘yellow’ star ever observed in our galaxy and one of the 10 largest ever discovered in total. The star is more than 1,300 times the diameter of the sun and 1,000,000 times brighter.

The star named HR 5171 A is 12,000 light-years from Earth and can even be seen with the naked eye. It was discovered by an international team of scientists using the European Space Organization’s Very Large Telescope Interferometer in Paranal, Chile.


Childhood TV addicts more likely to commit crime


By AFP / 20 Feb 2013

Children who watch excessive amounts of television are more likely to have criminal convictions and show aggressive personality traits as adults, a New Zealand study has found.

The University of Otago study tracked the viewing habits of about 1,000 children born in the early 1970s from when they were aged five to 15, then followed up when the subjects were 26 years old to assess potential impacts.


Choosing the Correct Knowledge, the Teacher, the Companion and the Need for Steadfastness

A student should choose the best knowledge. Then he should consider studying that knowledge which is most essential for him from a religious point of view and what he requires for comfort in the hereafter.

Firsts comes the subject of tauhid 1 and the recognition of Allah (‘azza wa jall) by means of proofs. Although the belief of a muqallid is acceptable in or view, he is sinful if he abandons the proof. 2


The intention while studying

 It is essential to have an intention during the course of one’s studies because the intention is fundamental in all actions. Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said, “All actions are based on intentions”. This is an authentic hadiths narrated from Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam).


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