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All of Pakistan’s problems are due to “lack of education” – experts

At the Tanjai Cheena school in northwest Pakistan, students squeeze into makeshift classrooms where plastic tarps serve as walls and electricity is sparse, as a surging population overstretches the country’s fragile education system.
Sandwiched behind desks like sardines, students repeat words learned in Pashto and English during an anatomy lesson: “Guta is finger, laas is hand”.

Turkish food festival begins in Pakistan's capital

A weeklong Turkish food festival began on Thursday evening in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.
The food festival, organized by a local 5-star hotel in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, was inaugurated by Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul.
"I would like to thank our chefs and musicians who came all the way from Turkey to promote Turkish culture among our Pakistani brothers," Yurdakul told the inaugural ceremony.

Pakistani expats have contributed to Saudi Arabia’s development, growth and prosperity

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have strong brotherly relations, deeply ingrained in the hearts of the people of the two countries.
The presence of more than 2.7 million Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia is a reflection of the strong bonds between the two nations. These expatriates have contributed to Saudi Arabia’s development, growth and prosperity.

Pakistan to build 3 nuclear plants for electricity

Source : World Bulletin / 14 Mar 2014

Pakistan plans to build three new nuclear plants that will produce 8800 MW of electricity per annum by 2030, in order to get over an energy bottleneck causing 20-hour-long power blackouts daily.

Pakistan will increase electric production from nuclear energy to 8,800 MW levels by 2030 and to 40,000 MW by 2050, says Dr. Ansar Parvez, head of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). "These figures may seem high, but still, there will be a 15 per cent deficiency in electricity supply in Pakistan."


Pakistan opens the tap on hydropower projects

Source : / 19 Feb 2014

Faced with a chronic power shortage that is stymieing economic growth, Pakistan has announced plans to tap some of the enormous potential for hydropower in the country’s north.

The government aims to add 13,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the national grid system through a series of hydro projects ranging in size from 10 to 1,000 MW, according to officials in the federal water and power ministry. This will represent a nearly eightfold increase in hydro capacity.


Pakistan to build six nuclear power plants

Source : IINA / 30 Nov 2013

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced Tuesday that his country will build six civil nuclear power plants.

Speaking at a function, Coastal Power Project K-II and K-III in Karachi, Sharif said the country’s Atomic Energy Commission has identified six sites where civil nuclear power plants could be built, The News International reported. According to the prime minister, Pakistan would produce 40,000 MW of power from nuclear plants till 2050 and the government’s priority was to start work on power projects to overcome the energy shortage.


Pakistan polio outbreak puts eradication in danger

Source : Reuters / 19 Oct 2013
A Taleban ban on vaccination is exacerbating a serious polio outbreak in Pakistan, threatening to derail dramatic progress made this year toward wiping out the disease worldwide, health officials say.
Health teams in Pakistan have been attacked repeatedly since the Taleban denounced vaccines as a Western plot to sterilize Muslims and imposed bans on inoculation in June 2012.


Floods have halved Pakistan's economic growth - expert

By Aamir Saeed / 10 Sep 2013

Three years of repeated floods have inflicted serious damage on Pakistan’s economy, halving its potential economic growth, an expert says.

“The impact of floods on Pakistan’s economy is colossal as the economy grew on average at a rate of 2.9 percent per year during the last three years,” said Ishrat Husain, an economist and director of the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi.


Aid lacking in flood-hit Pakistan, fresh rains due


By Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio / 22 Aug 2013

Saleema Bibi died at the age of just 29 when the roof of her house in Talwandi village in northeast Pakistan’s Sialkot district collapsed under heavy monsoon rains. Her husband and three children were badly injured.

“The roof of our house, where we all were sitting on a cot-bed, caved in after failing to withstand torrential rain that lasted for five hours,” sobbed Bibi’s husband, Muzzamil Raza, describing the tragedy that hit his family on Aug. 14.


Pakistan wilts under record heat wave

By Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio / 5 June 2013

Zulekhan Mumtaz has seen her livelihood as a seller of camel milk turn sour because of a brutal heat wave that has left Pakistan sweltering with temperatures up to 51 degrees Celsius.

"My customers say they can no longer buy spoilt milk and squander their money," the 31-year-old said, looking at the clotted yellow liquid.


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