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Performing Sunnah Fasts before Missed Fard Fasts

By Ml. Tariq Muhammad / 25 Jul 2013


As salamu alaikum,

A woman has to fast what she missed during Ramadan due to menstruation. Can she fast sunnah fast without yet fulfilling the missed fard fasts? Jazakallah. May Allah have mercy on you!


Women in Egypt suffer more sexual violence under Islamist rule

By Nadia Mayen / 3 June 2013

Sexual violence against women in Egypt has increased in the post-revolutionary Islamist rule, according to official reports and rights activists.

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality said in a report published on May 23 that 99.3 percent of Egyptian women have experienced some form of sexual violence.


Michigan Growing Muslim Girl Scouts

Source : OnIslam & News Agencies / 22 Mar 2013

A growing number of young Muslim girls are joining Girl Scout troops in southeast Michigan, forming new friendships based on faith and aspiring for taking new leadership roles when they get older.

“We want them to be strong and take on leadership roles in the future,” Rana Alaouie, who’s a volunteer and has two daughters in the group, told Arab American News on Thursday, March 21.


Women Rights Drives UK Teenager to Islam

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 15 Mar 2013

Fascinated by Islam’s respect for women, a teenage student at University College London shared the story of finding Islam with her colleagues as part of their college Islam Awareness Week, hoping to dispel misconceptions long associated with Islam about women.

“My main reason to convert to Islam was because it gives women the respect and rights that society no longer gives,” Sara Lawler, 19, from Ingol, told Lancashire Evening Post on Friday, March 15.


The Virtue of Nurturing Girls

Source : / 21 Feb 2013

Allah willing, will be about a righteous good deed, and whoever performs it perfectly, according to its required conditions, will attain three things:

First: he will be veiled from Hell and never enter it.

Second: on the Day of the Greatest Terror, (i.e. the Day of Judgment), he will be gathered in the company of the Prophet .

Third: Paradise will be guaranteed for him, where he will be in the company of the Prophet .


Prophet Muhammad Mercy to Women

By Umme Maryam |Radianceweekly| 1 Feb 2012

“And We have sent you (O Muhammad) not but as a mercy for the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists.” (Al-Qur’ān – 21:107)


Afraa’ bint Ubayd: Mother of 7 fighters

Source: By Adil Salahi/ Arab News/Nov.17/2011

We are speaking today about a highly distinguished woman whose sons are identified by her instead of the normal identification by their father. Afraa’ belonged to Madinah where she married Al-Harith ibn Rifa’ah from the Najjar clan of the Khazraj. She gave him three sons: Mu'adh, Mu’awwidh and Awf. These three are always known by their mother. We say Mu'adh ibn Afraa’ and Awf ibn Afraa’. When she was divorced she went to Makkah where she married Al-Bukayr ibn Abd Yaleel, giving him four sons: Aqil, Khalid, Iyas and Amir. All four embraced Islam in its early days and were among the Muhajireen when the Muslims of Makkah immigrated.


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