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Jordan hookah ban

Source : AFP / 06 Feb 2014

There’s no smoke without ire: A ban on water pipes in restaurants and cafes has caused uproar in Jordan where $1 billion worth of tobacco goes up in smoke every year.

Under a decision based on a 2008 law that was not previously enforced, the government has announced that by the end of 2014 the licences of more than 5,000 establishments that serve hookahs will be revoked.


Russia firms to build Jordan’s first nuclear plant

Source : AFP / 29 Oct 2013

Energy-poor Jordan said Monday it has picked two Russian firms to build and run its first nuclear power plant, which is expected to cost around $10 billion (7 billion euros).

“Russia’s Rusatom Overseas will operate the plant as a strategic partner. Russia’s Atomstroyexport will be the provider of the nuclear technology,” Information Minister Mohammad Momani told reporters.


Jordan taps $5 billion Gulf fund to ease economic woes

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi / 28 Feb 2013

Jordan has begun to tap $5 billion in grants from oil-rich Gulf states, hoping infrastructure spending will help alleviate the economic impact of the wave of Arab political unrest.

Planning and International Cooperation Minister Jafar Hassansaid more than $100 million had so far been spent from the fund, whose creation was decided by a summit of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) in December 2011 to help its regional ally.


Thousands call for election boycott in Jordan

Source: Agencies / 19 Jan 2013

Thousands of Jordanians have been demonstrating across the country demanding the government suspend next week's parliamentary elections.

Friday's peaceful demonstration in the capital, Amman, drew nearly 2,000 people, including youth activists and Muslim Brotherhood members, united in the election boycott and in demands that King Abdullah II cede some of his powers.


Islamist dilemma confronts Jordan

By Osama Al Sharif | Gulf News | 11 Jan 2012

Government's inability to find common ground with political opposition on the nature and pace of reforms is sowing the seeds for civil unrest.


The Dead Sea in Islamic Tradition

By Huda, Guide

With its high mineral and salt content, the Dead Sea is known as a place of healing. It is visited by thousands each year seeking spa treatments, therapies, and relaxation. According to Islamic tradition, however, it also stands as a sign of God's punishment.


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