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Junaid Baghdadi and Love for Allah


Once at the time of Hajj, there was a gathering in Mecca of some friends of Allah; the youngest among whom was Junaid Baghdadi (ra). In that gathering, there was a discussion on the subject of 'Love for Allah' and as to who is the lover of Allah. Many of them expressed their views on the subject, but Junaid (ra) kept quiet. He was pressed to say something.


Ten Principles for Those Seeking the Path of Allah

By: Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali

Principle 1: Have a sincere, unwavering intention. Prophet Muhammad said,"each person will be rewarded for what he intended" (Muslim). This calls for determination in the heart to continuously act or to abstain from something only for God's sake. A sign of having sincere intentions is that one does not change his resolve for fleeting reasons; what is done for God, the Truth, should not be forsaken to please His creation.



The Realities Of Sufism

The Miracles Of The Saints

by Shaykh 'Abd al-Qadir 'Isa

In this day and age of ours, many people enquire about miracles, asking many questions: "Are miracles established in the Sacred Law?" "Is there any proof for them in the Book and the Sunna?" "What is the wisdom behind having miracles manifest at the hands of the saints and pious?" It is an absolute must that we tackle this topic head on so as to make clear the truth and give aid to the Sacred Law of Allah (swt), since the forces of atheism and materialism, and the factions of doubt and misguidance, have become abundant, affecting the intellects of many of our people and misguiding numerous intelligent people among us, leading them to take the position of denial and rejection, doubt and indecisiveness, or perplexity and wonder with regards to the miracles. All of this is a result of their weak faith in Allah and His omnipotence, and weak belief in His saints and beloved.


The necessity of having a spiritual master

Everyone knows that when being ill, one needs a doctor. All men (except for Prophets) are prone to have deceases of heart, such as envy, arrogance, showing off, love for the worldly, pride etc. To get rid and cure such sicknesses it is necessary to have a spiritual master - Shaikh.


The Tasawwuf of al-Shafi`i

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem was-salaat was-salaam `alaa Rasul-illah wa 'alaa alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. Imam al-Shafi`i said: faqihan wa sufiyyan fa kun laysa wahidan fa inni wa haqqillahi iyyaka ansahu (Be both) a faqih and a sufi: do not be only one of them, Verily, by Allah's truth, I am advising you sincerely. [al-Shafi`i, Diwan, (Beirut and Damascus: Dar al-fikr) p. 47]


The Core of Islam in Dagestan

Currently Sufism (tariqah, tasawwuf) is attacked and under the greatest pressure, because it is the essence of Islam, its spirit and strength. Opponents of Islam try to portray Sufism as a philosophical imagination that calls for solitude, isolation from social life, and as a hindrance for human development.


Gatherings of Dhikr

Dhikr of Allah is the most excellent act of Allah’s servants and is stressed over a hundred times in the Holy Qur’an. It is the most praiseworthy work to earn Allah’s pleasure, the most effective weapon to overcome the enemy, and the most deserving of deeds in reward. It is the flag of Islam, the polish of hearts, the essence of the science of faith, the immunisation against hypocrisy, the head of worship, and the key of all success.


Tawassul and istighasa through the Prophet (PBUH)

One misconception of Ibn Taymiya has disrupted the Muslim community. He condemned tawassul and istighasa (asking for help) through the Prophet(PBUH). No one of the ulama ever stated a similar opinion.

Actually Ibn Taymiya was wrong affirming that tawassul and istighasa were not permitted. There was no alim thinking this way except for him. Quite the contrary, tawassul through the Prophet(PBUH) is a hasan (a good deed). No matter when is it used - before or after the creation of the Prophet (PBUH), during his life or after his death.


Murid should behave as murid - Said Afandi al-Chirkawi

Frankly speaking, ‘alims have pleasantly surprised us today to the extent that no more things left to discuss. It is often said that since the creation of Adam (peace be upon him) Allah sent prophets to all nations with the call to Islam. Much has been said about the prophets, as well as those who opposed them and who followed them. It was the way Islam reached the ummah of our Prophet (be peace upon him).


Do not believe a man even if he flies in the sky

A lot of important things have been said here. As for me, I would like to add a little to the earlier said that on the same gathering last year I forewarned all of you not to trust anyone who comes from somewhere outside. Even the one who is flying in the sky! Indeed it is very dangerous.


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