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Pakistan to build 3 nuclear plants for electricity

Source : World Bulletin / 14 Mar 2014

Pakistan plans to build three new nuclear plants that will produce 8800 MW of electricity per annum by 2030, in order to get over an energy bottleneck causing 20-hour-long power blackouts daily.

Pakistan will increase electric production from nuclear energy to 8,800 MW levels by 2030 and to 40,000 MW by 2050, says Dr. Ansar Parvez, head of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). "These figures may seem high, but still, there will be a 15 per cent deficiency in electricity supply in Pakistan."


Saudi capital ranked among most polluted cities globally

By Sharif Taha / 12 Mar 2014

Riyadh has been ranked one of the most polluted cities in the world, according a report released by a United Nations organization.

The World Health Organization (WHO) report named Ahvaz, the capital of the Khuzestan Province in Iran, to be suffering the worst levels of air pollution, followed by Ulan Bator in Mongolia.


Middle East drought a threat to global food prices

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi / 10 Mar 2014

The Middle East's driest winter in several decades could pose a threat to global food prices, with local crops depleted and farmers' livelihoods blighted, U.N. experts and climatologists say.

Varying degrees of drought are hitting almost two thirds of the limited arable land across Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian territories and Iraq.


Climate change hampers fight against malaria - study

By Louis Charbonneau / Reuters / 07 Mar 2014

Malaria risks spreading to high altitudes as global temperatures rise and further warming might cause a significant increase in malaria cases in highland regions where malaria is endemic, according to a study published on Thursday.


Moon's radio glow could keep Muslim calendars in sync

Source : New Scientist / 06 Mar 2014

Is it Ramadan yet? Muslim communities look for the new moon to decide, and radio waves could settle the matter.

The Islamic calendar is based on lunar months, with sightings of the first sliver of the waxing moon marking the start of each month. It is possible to calculate when this thin crescent will theoretically be visible, but many Muslims will only accept visual confirmation.


Haze shrouds Kuala Lumpur amid forest fires

Source : Bloomberg / 05 Mar 2014

Smoke from forest and peat-soil fires drove air quality to unhealthy levels in and around Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur yesterday, adding to the burden of water rationing after a month-long drought.


Strong Meteor Shower Approaching Earth

Source : UZ 24 / 04 Mar 2014

According to astronomers, meteor rain should be expected on May 24, which will leave the comet LINEAR. Meteorites might be so intense that the fall of hundreds of celestial bodies per hour can be observed.


Most Southern African countries to miss 2015 MDG water and sanitation targets

By Magda Mis / / 03 Mar 2014

More than 40 million people in Southern Africa who should have received access to safe drinking water by 2015 will miss out, and 73 million will go without basic sanitation due to investment shortfalls, according to a report released on Monday.

Only two out of 15 Southern African countries - Botswana and Seychelles - are set to meet their 2015 Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets to reduce by half the number of people without access to clean water and sanitation, said the report by Water Aid.


Young scientists from Turkic world to compete in 'Science Olympics'

Source : AA / 03 Mar 2014

Young scientists from all across the Turkic countries will compete in the `Turkic World Science Olympics` in central Turkey on May 8-10.

Scientific projects from students aged between 11 and 15 will be entered into categories for invention and design, and will take part in the olympiad, held as part of a wider series of `Cultural Capital of the Turkic World` organizations.


First for a woman environmentalist

By  Fouzia Khan / Arab news / 01 Mar 2014

Hiba Hisham Al-Habboubi, the first Saudi woman to participate in the Environment and Petroleum Forum 2014 has set a record in the history of the industry representing Saudi women who aim to protect the environment through engineering projects.


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