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Back in Islam

William, Ex-Jew, USA

By William / 20 June 2013

My name is William, and I live in a large Midwestern city in the United States.  I am a typical American in many ways that are reflected in both my professional and personal lives.  Professionally, I am a supervisor with a major police department, and I have been in the military, both active duty and in the reserves for the majority of my adult life.  Personally, I live in the suburbs with my wife and child, drive a pickup truck and occasionally wear cowboy boots. 


Some Common Questions by Recent Converts

By / 1 June 2013

(1)  I have recently accepted Islam, do I need to change my name?

No, you don’t have to change your name unless its meaning is Islamically objectionable.  The Prophet did not order everyone who accepted Islam to change their names. Since Arabic names generally have meanings, he did change names with offensive or religiously objectionable meanings.  And if the name is not Islamically objectionable, then it is recommended to take a Muslim name but one does not have to.


Good Habits for New Muslims to Develop

By Aisha Stacey / 28 May 2013

After a person has accepted Islam as their religion they will come to realise that Islam is more than just a religion - it is way of life.  Worship is not reserved for special days or special ceremonies; it is a part of our living and our dying, our working and our play, our rest and our study.  In short Islam is something that we live with all our actions, thoughts and deeds. Developing good habits to assist us in our everyday lives as a worshipper of the One God is easy. Below you will find a few guidelines to get you started.  They are habits that should InshaAllah become as familiar as breathing.


Why I Accepted Islam

By Michael Wolfe / 25 May 2013

After twenty-five years as a writer in America, I wanted something to soften my cynicism. I was searching for new terms by which to see.

The way one is raised establishes certain needs in this department.

From a pluralist background, I naturally placed great stress on the matters of racism and freedom. Then, in my early twenties, I had gone to live in Africa for three years.


An Austrian Scientist Discovers Islam

By Amina Islam  / 1 May 2013

Born 1953 in the town Linz in Austria, I spent my childhood in Munich (Germany) until we moved to Salzburg (Austria) when I was 16 years old. I grew up in a conservative Christian way. My parents are strict Protestant Christians, which believe in the Bible and pray to Jesus as son of God. They educated me to keep a high standard of morals and ethics. 


Scottish Atheist Lady Finds Islam at the Age of 65

Source : / 24 Apr 2013

My name is Maryam Noor, that is my Islamic name, and my original name is Margaret Templeton.

I was born in Scotland to a house which was atheist. In our house, we were not allowed ever to speak about God, and even if we learned something in school, we were not allowed to say anything or we would be punished.


One-day Hijab Leads Young Briton to Islam

Source : OnIslam & Newspapers / 3 Apr 2013

A one-day experience of wearing hijab has led a 21-year-old Briton to read more about Islam and eventually embracing the religion.

“I took part in the first World Hijab Day and challenged myself to wear the hijab for a month,” Jessica Rhodes told Muslim Mirror


374 people embrace Islam in a month

By Ali Fayyaz / 30 Mar 2013

New converts — 154 men and 220 women — from various nationalities embraced Islam last month, according to a report of the Islamic Education Foundation (IEF) in Riyadh.

The IEF used various means to take the message of Islam to non-Muslims, like lectures, seminars and the distribution of books, tapes and fliers. It also sends its preachers to residential areas and work places where non-Muslims are found in large numbers.


How the actions of a Muslim and the clarity of the message of the Quran led James to Islam.

Source : Islamweb / 26 Mar 2013

It all began back in the late 90’s. I was a San Diego police officer and I had found myself at the desk. I had found myself in the middle of an internal affairs investigation. Of course these types of investigations seem to take forever; I had the fortune of working with another officer. After being around this for a few weeks, we had the opportunity to talk about various subjects. Never once speaking about Islam, although I knew this officer was Muslim. I knew this because we met during the month of Ramadan.So I saw firsthand the sacrifice’s he would make during the day. I often thought to myself, “how could he do this and why”.


Japanese wrestling legend Antonio Inoki becomes Muslim, works for peace

By Dominique Mosbergen / 21 Mar 2013 

Hall of Fame wrestler Antonio Inoki is remembered by many for his physical prowess and his legendary 1976 battle against the great Muhammad Ali. But now, years after retiring from his beloved sport, Inoki is making a new name for himself — quite literally.


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