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Back in Islam

A College Junior Converts to Islam

By KELLY POE | The Daily Tar Heel

Close ups: The Convert to Islam

This installment of Close ups focuses on Matt Stevens, a junior business administration major who decided to convert to Islam from Christianity.
Before sunrise, Matt Stevens is closest to God.


Reasons Why Female Converts to Islam Have Increased in the West

Over the past few years, more and more Americas have converted to Islam, particularly women and I was curious to find out why.

It appears that women are converting to Islam at such rapid rates that they outnumber men 4 to 1, reports a study on female converts to Islam titled “Women and Conversion to Islam: The American Women’s experience.”


I'm a new Muslim

I'm a new Muslim
Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

There is nothing easier than converting to Islam - the moment one really becomes aware personally that God is real and truly does exist, and accepts that the Arab Muhammad (peace be upon him) really was the last prophet of God in the same line of prophets as all the others named in the Bible - one has actually taken the first step.


A week in the life of…..Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

A week in the life of…..Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

Interview with Anfal Saqib for Emel Magazine, March/April 2004.

‘I cannot live without working. I would give up and die of boredom. What keeps me motivated is the feeling that something must be done, it must be done.’


Young. British. Female. Muslim.

Source: Times Online
29 May 2010

Thousands of young British women living in the UK decide to convert to Islam - here are some of their stories


Yusuf Estes [Skip Estes]

My name is Yusuf Estes and I am the National Muslim Chaplain for American Muslims, sponsored by a number of organizations here in Washington, DC. As such, I travel around the entire world lecturing and sharing the message of the Christ of the Qur’an in Islam. We hold dialogs and discussion groups with all faiths and enjoy the opportunity to work alongside of rabbis, ministers, preachers and priests everywhere. Most of our work is in the institutional area, military, universities and prisons. Primarily our goal is to educate and communicate the correct message of Islam and who the Muslims really are.


Dr. Jeffrey Lang (Abdul-Ahad Omar)

Source : IslamWay

A very important Christian missionary converted to Islam and became a major herald for Islam, he was a very active missionary and was very knowledgeable about the Bible. This man likes mathematics so much, that's why he likes logic. One day, he decided to read the Qur'an to try to find any mistakes that he might take advantage of while inviting Muslims to convert to Christianity. He expected the Qur'an to be an old book written 14 centuries ago, a book that talks about the desert and so on. He was amazed from what he found.


Polosin Ali Vyacheslav - My journey to Islam.

Polosin Ali Vyacheslav Sergeyevich - How I came to Islam?

In the name of God, the holder of the eternal and endless mercy!

I grew up in an atheist family but from early childhood believed in mysterious and omnipotent God who would not refuse the ones who turned to Him. During some difficult situations of my youth when my own strength was not sufficient I used to turn in my heart to God for assistance, and the situation turned the better way.


'Pilgrimage to Mecca’: The first British Muslim woman on record to have visited the Holy Cities of Madinah and Makkah

Source : Lisa Kaaki | Arab News
17 Aug 2011

During the 19th century, many women, particularly Englishwomen, were fascinated by the Arab world. Most of these female travelers, like Lucie Duff Gordon, Lady Ann Blunt, Gertrude Bell, Isabelle Eberhardt and Freya Stark, to name but a few, are known to us through their impassioned travelogues.


Converts to Islam say their choice wasn't made lightly

By Zahra Ahmed, Houston Chronicle | Thursday, 08 September 2011
Sarah Prucha and Christy Thephachanh were both spiritual seekers when the people around them who most lived their faith were Muslims.

Prucha was 25 and working at a downtown Houston bank when she noticed co-workers pausing five times each day to pray. Even things as small as saying Bismillah (In the name of God) before eating or saying Alhamdulillah, (All praise is due to God) after sneezing caught her attention.


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