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Back in Islam

‘Embracing Islam is the best deal I made in the Kingdom’

By Walaa Hawari | ARAB NEWS | 25 Jan 2012

US businessman and pilot calls for efforts to project true image of his new religion.

RIYADH: Just after spending one month in the Kingdom, where he was treated with kindness in a spiritual atmosphere, American businessman and pilot Richard Patterson, converted to Islam.


A journey of exploration, leading to Islam

By Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore |IslamiCity| 11 Jan 2012

I became a Muslim when it seemed I had already accepted Islam in my bones, as if beyond choice, and I only had to make a leap to embrace it formally. Outwardly I was content; inwardly I was coasting.


Reading The Prophet’s Biography Led Me to Islam

Yusuf Derbeshyre's Journey to Islam

Before I was Muslim I was what you could classify as a “typical British lad”. I used to go out drinking on a Saturday evening, and all that kind of thing. Then about five years ago, I was going on holiday to Greece.


NZ Muslims Want Place on World List

By OnIslam & News Agencies | 1 Jan 2012

WELLINGTON – New Zealand's Muslims are pushing to include their rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams into the list of the world's 500 most influential Muslims to show the diversity of their community in the country.


37 Hindus convert to Islam in Matli

By Sameer Mandhro : The Express Tribune | Karachi /Dec. 13/2011

On Saturday, 37 people from seven Hindu families converted to Islam in Matli. They claim that more families will be embracing the religion in the coming weeks.


Long Search for True Religion


Source: By Ibrahim Long/"Haj and Umra"magazine/February/2010 

I have not always been a Muslim. There have been times in my life that I have been the very oppo­site of what that means; yet, in some way, I feel like my whole life has led me to it


Journey of the Soul

Source: By Marjorie Cowan/"Haj and Umra"magazine/October 2009

HAJ, the Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah, is an intensely personal journey, which challenges the individual in many ways. First, there is a physical chal­lenge of having to adapt to a severe scorching hot desert climate. There is an emotional challenge of being over­joyed one moment and sometimes fearful the next; a psychological chal­lenge of adjusting to the culture; and many times even a spiritual challenge.


Searching for Reason


Source: By Michael David Shapiro/ "Haj and Umra" magazine/May/2009

Once I opened up my mind to the possibility of existence of God, I analyzed both atheist and theist beliefs .The thing that directed me to the latter was the quote "Every design has a designer". With that in mind, eventually I woke up with certainty that God exists. I can't explain why, I just felt it somehow.


Open Heart, Open Mind

By Jessica Nunez /Haj and Umra magazine/Jeddah/June 2009

She entered Varsity a Christian and graduated a Muslim

When Katie Hurst moved to Columbia 10 years ago to study religion at MU, her intention was to work at a nonprofit or teach Christian education. She didn't expect to have adopted an entirely new lifestyle and belief system by the time she graduated. But that's exactly what happened. Katie entered MU a Christian and graduated a Muslim.



How did you Accept Islam?

By Yahya Emerick

Many people have asked me lately how I came to Islam. It is not an unusual question for a convert (or revert) to be asked. I guess I’m being asked about it again because of having this regular column in the Message. Every person who accepts Islam has a unique story and tale to tell. I remember getting one of the books filled with “convert stories” and being enthralled for days at the variety of experiences people have.


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