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What is Islam

The Miracle of Numbers in holy Quran

The scientists discovered some verses in the Holy Qur’an that mention one thing is equal to another, i.e. men are equal to women.


Islamic Vocabulary

'adab: (n) Islamic manners and behavior 'aqidah: (n) belief or creed 'adl: (n) 1). Justice; 2). righteous conduct ahad: (a) singular; a hadith whose narrators do not reach anywhere near the number for the mutawatir(continuous) hadith. Ahkâm: "Orders". According to Islamic Law, there are five kinds of orders : 1. Compulsory (Wajib) 2. Order without obligation (Mustahab) 3. Forbidden (Muharram) 4. Disliked but not forbidden (Makruh) 5. Legal and allowed (Halâl)


About tested method for successful resolution of cases

Muhyiddin Ibn al-`Arabi, (May God purify his heart!) said:

"If anyone is in need of something, let him read surah “al-Fatiha" forty times after evening prayer and two raka`ats of optional (Ratiba) prayer".


Keys of the Treasures of the Heavens & Earth

Although there are thousands of prayers, supplications and practices used by the sufis, several are considered superior. Such is the one here presented called Maqalad as-samawati wal ard, 'The Keys of the Treasures of the Heavens and Earth'.


Dates in the Holy Qur’an & the Sunnah of the Prophet

Source : Abdul Haleem Nalamkandy | Arab News

02 Aug 2011
The date fruit and tree were dear to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the word “date” is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an more than 20 times.

Adieu to Ramazan: Jumatul Wida

By Dr Irshadul Haq Quddusi : The Nation | Friday, 26 August  2011 / Lahore

Every community of the world celebrates some days as very important in its social setup. It gives them special significance because of political or historical events taking place on those days. The special days that the Muslims observe or celebrate owe their significance due to the occurrence of some religious and spiritual events on those days. As the holy month of Ramazan is considered the most important month in the Islamic calendar the last Friday of this month is also given the same religious importance. The month of Ramazan is more sacred than other months of the Islamic calendar because in this very month commenced the revelation of the Quran-i-Majid which serves as the complete code of life for the Muslims for all times and climes.


Ramadan and the making of our moral fiber

Source : Mariam Murphy |  Al Jumuah
08 Aug 2011  

Ramadan is here, and as we move through this blessed month there are many goals we've planned to reach. Each person is unique and will have individual goals, but here are five aspects of worship that we ought to work on this Ramadan.


You are fasting, but someone eat at your elbow?!

"The angels bless the fasting person, when someone eats near him".

Walking down the street we sometimes see how certain people instead of keeping the fast, eat, drink or nibble sunflower seeds. Some become annoyed at this sight, others turn away, so as not to tempt themselves.

They try to show patience as they understand that God bestowed them the best, i.e. fasting. The refusal of the fasting testifies the weakness of the faith of this man.


The Real Purpose of Fasting

By: Abul Ala Mawdudi

A purpose for every work

There are essentially two component factors in any work which a man has to perform. The first thing is the purpose for which a work is done and the second thing is the particular shape of that work which is chosen to achieve that purpose. For instance, take the case of food your object in taking food is to remain alive and maintain your strength. The method of achieving this object is that you take a morsel, put it in your mouth, masticate it and push it below the throat. This method is adopted by you since it is the most effective and proper one to achieve this object. But everyone of you knows that the main thing is the purpose for which food is taken and not the form and procedure of this action.


Glossary of Islamic terms

Source : Mark S. Luckie | The Washington Post
14 Jun 2011

Want to know the difference between hajj and halal? Here is a short glossary of some of the most commonly used words and phrases in Islamic religion and culture.

The Arabic word for God.

A traditional account of things said or done by Muhammad recorded by his followers, commonly taught as a part of Islamic theology.



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