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Arabs – the founders of geography

Source : Islam Magazine | Makhachkala | 2005

In the Middle Ages Arab geographers were the most versed in the knowledge of paths, roads and routes.
The interest to the observations of natural phenomena was an intrinsic characteristic of Arabs from the very beginning. They determined routes on land and at sea with the help of stars. Some pieces of knowledge in astronomy helped them to determine the weather, time of sowing, etc. This knowledge had been passing on from one generation to another.


From libraries to madrasas

Prepared by N. Jafarov : Islam Magazine | Makhachkala / 2011

Muslim Renaissance

Swiss orientalist Adam Metz (1869 - 1917) is a recognized expert in the history of culture of the Caliphate in the III - IV centuries AH (IX - X centuries AD). He did not turn to oriental studies but in the mature age. Before that he had studied law and theology. Having started with learning of Semitic languages, and having mastered Hebrew and Arabic, Mets then focused on the medieval period of the Arab East. By limiting the scope of his research with nothing more than two centuries, he carefully examined a great number of sources.


Andalusia: the Return of Islam to Europe

By Iskander Nabiulin | Islam Magazine / Makhachkala / 2011

There is no way not to fall in love with Andalusia, and the Moors knew where to build their state ...


History of Hajj in Russia from 18th to 21st century

By Bekmurza Bekmurzaev, Minister for National Policy, Religious Affairs and External Relations of the Republic of Dagestan

50 to 80% of Russian pilgrims have always been Dagestanis


First mosque in the UK was built by a Jew

By Roshan Mughal / Dec. 5/2011
Source: Express Tribune

The Khatib is delivering the Friday sermon and as the congregation listens quietly, a train passes by in the distance, rustling the leaves in this suburb of Woking in the British county of Surrey. Rising above the trees, the bright green dome and minarets of the Shah Jahan Mosque are a sight to behold in this busy commuter town.


The Dead Sea in Islamic Tradition

By Huda, Guide

With its high mineral and salt content, the Dead Sea is known as a place of healing. It is visited by thousands each year seeking spa treatments, therapies, and relaxation. According to Islamic tradition, however, it also stands as a sign of God's punishment.


Message of the Life of the Prophet To Present-Day Muslims

Source:By Shaykh Abu ‘l-Hasan ‘Ali al-Nadwi,(An excerpt from Pathway to Medina)/

Obviously, the world was not a deserted place at the time of the upbringing of the Holy Prophet (upon him blessings and peace). It was not a graveyard. The wheels of life were moving at that time too with very little difference from what they are now. Business was carried on almost in the same manner, and the people, generally, were satisfied with the things around them and did not feel the need for change.


Largest Muslim Nation

Source: By S.M.H.Akbar/"Hajj and Umra"magazine/December/2009

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim-majority nation in the world. Muslims account for nearly 88 per cent of the population of more than 200 million.


History Of Calligraphy

Source:By Alavi Mehr/ 11/2010

The history of calligraphy cannot be separated from the history of Islam. Yasin Hamid Safadi in his book, Islamic Calligraphy writes: “Although Arabic is only second to the Roman alphabet in terms of widespread use even today, the Arabic script was developed at a much later date. The reason for this late development was that the Arabs were mainly a nomadic people and mistrustful of the written word.


Pre-Columbian Muslims in the Americas

By: Dr. Youssef Mroueh / / 05 Nov 2004


Numerous evidence suggests that Muslims from Spain and West Africa arrived to the Americas at least five centuries before Columbus. It is recorded,for example, that in the mid-tenth century, during the rule of the Ummayyed Caliph Abdul-Rahman III (929-961 CE), Muslims of African origin sailed westward from the Spanish port of DELBA (Palos) into the "Ocean of darkness and fog". They returned after a long absence with much booty from a "strange and curious land". It is evident that people of Muslim origin are known to have accompanied Columbus and subsequent Spanish explorers to the New World.


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