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Buraidah Date Festival draws 800,000 visitors

By Muhammad al-Harbi | 21 Sep 2012

More than 800,000 people have visited the Buraidah Date Festival over the past 55 days, which has brought in about SR 600 million in sales, said Khalid Al-Naqeedan, CEO of the festival.

During the 90-day festival, around 300,000 tons of dates will be sold, reaching a combined sales figure of more than SR 1 billion. Last year the festival saw sales reaching SR 800 million.


First Islamic museum in Australia to open in 2013

Source : Anadolu Agency | 19 Sep 2012

Australia's first Islamic museum will open in the Australian capital of Melbourne in 2013.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency correspondent on Tuesday, Moustafa Fahour, the founder of the Australia Islamic Museum, said that they decided to arise the Islamic art via establishing the museum.


English as an Islamic language

By Dr Muzaffar Iqbal | 12 Sep 2012

The "mosque," the English rendition of the Arabic masjid, is commonly defined as "a building used for public worship by Muslims" (Merriam Webster); "a Muslim place of worship" (Oxford English Dictionary); or "a building in which Muslims worship" (Macmillan).


Collection of the Foundation for Islamic Art Goes on Tour for the 1st Time

Source : IslamToday | 10 Sep 2012

The Foundation for Islamic Art, which boasts oneof the world's most important collections of Islamic Art at its 5-acre Shangra La estate in Honolulu Hawaii, is exhibiting works outside the estate for the first time.


Islam and sensuality: Muslim fashion designer covers up

By Sebastian Smith | AFP | 05 Sep 2012

Designers love to push boundaries in the search for that sexy catwalk look, but Nzinga Knight, an American Muslim, takes an even more daring tack: covering her models up.

At New York Fashion Week, which starts Thursday, impossibly tall, slinky creatures will sashay down the runways at Lincoln Center in clothes that can leave little to the imagination.


Resiliency Reigns for Russian Muslims, Indonesian Diplomat Finds

By Sylviana Hamdani | Jakarta Globe | 24 Aug 2012

“ For most of us in Indonesia, Russia is a dark and dreary country,” Indonesian diplomat M. Aji Surya said. “In our minds, the country seems to be enclosed with hopelessness and darkness due to its past.”


‘Sultans of Science’ at the National Science Museum in Thailand

By Fouzia Khan | Arab News | 08 Aug 2012

Sultans of Science, a global traveling exhibition of MTE Studios, United Arab Emirates, will bring history back to life at the National Science Museum in Thailand from mid-August to mid-November 2012.


Süleymaniye Mosque restoration alters site's unique acoustics

Source : Agencies | 06 Aug 2012

The unique architecture that ensured an equal distribution of sound throughout Mimar Sinan's Süleymaniye Mosque has been altered by a recent restoration of the mosque, the Radikal daily reported.


Prayer mat designed to light up when facing Mecca

Source : Al Arabiya | 07 Jul 2012

The humble prayer mat, used by a significant proportion of the 1.6 billion Muslim world population, has lightened up – literally.


Appreciating Islam's Contribution to Civilization

Source : Parvez Ahmed | Huffington Post | 06 Jul 2012

Nearly four in 10 Americans hold an unfavorable view of Islam and Muslims. That number has remained steady since 9/11. Several factors contribute to this negative perception, certainly none greater than Muslims, albeit a few, committing terrorism in the name of Islam. The media exasperates this negativity, as aptly noted in Edward Said's 1981 classic "Covering Islam." However, some media outlets are more egregious than others.


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