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Art exhibition showcases 1908 hajj trip from Egypt

Source : Saudi Gazzete / 3 Oct 2013
Not long ago, the adventure of riding ships from Egypt was a normal way to reach the other side of the Red Sea coast to perform Haj. Dar Al-Hekma College recently organized an exhibition showcasing pictures of the hajj trip from Egypt in 1908.
A total of 53 pictures were on display with captions to portray the different stages that pilgrims had to go through during their trip.


Halal food lovers fill up at London exhibition

By Mustapha Zarou / 1 Oct 2013

The world’s largest halal food festival was held in London this week, reflecting the fast growing halal market in Britain.
The three day halal event offered a chance to explore the diversity of the halal food market and its potential.

Centuries-old Qur`an Found In Turkey

Source : OnIslam & News Agencies / 17 Sep 2013

Preserved for centuries in a prayer rug, a 1200 year–old handwritten Qur’an and tafsir books have been found in a Turkish mosque in Muğla province in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey.

“We did not give it any importance thinking that it was an ordinary Qur’an,” Yüksel Kılınçarslan, the imam of Tepecik Mosque where the Qur’an was found, told Anadolu Agency reported on Monday, September 16.


Makkah Gate to be built in 20 years

By Wajdi Al-Qurashi / 28 Aug 2013

The structural plan for the Makkah Gate project that was recently approved by Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal will be implemented in four stages over 20 years, said Osama Al-Bar, Makkah mayor and chairman of the board of directors at the Makkah Gate Company.

He said that 70 percent of the project is located inside the borders of the Grand Mosque.

“The strategy of the project will allocate a series of places to be developed independently in phases,” he added.


Expansion of Prophet’s Mosque through the ages put on display

Source : Arab news / 26 Aug 2013

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque has organized an exhibition on the mosque’s history and expansion works as part of the ongoing celebration of Madinah as the Islamic Cultural Capital of 2013.

The items on display give an insight into the kind of expansions that the mosque underwent since its inception in the seventh century to date.


Foreign teams to study 15 Saudi archaeological sites

Source : Arab news / 22 Aug 2013

Fifteen missions from abroad, including teams from France, Italy, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and Belgium, are cooperating with the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities to explore 15 projects at historic and archaeological sites in different regions of Saudi Arabia.

The archaeological survey began in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 40 years ago with the implementation of five-year plans carried out by Saudi missions in cooperation with foreign missions. Through the missions, many archaeological sites were demarcated and recorded and some sites were chosen for further exploration.


Islamic Museum of Australia for Melbourne

Source : J-Wire / 13 Aug 2013

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced a re-elected Rudd Labor Government would contribute $3 million to enable completion of the Islamic Museum of Australia in Thornbury in Melbourne’s north…a project with which the Jewish Museum of Australia has been involved.


‘Hot’ couture: traditional Saudi head-cover gets modern make-over

By Natasha Baker / 14 Aug 2013

Worn in rain or shine, the Saudi Arabian shemagh has a plethora of uses and is steadily being redefined as a high-fashion and haute-couture item.

This is particularly good news for sellers of the traditional scarves as approximately eight million shemaghs have been sold in the last month alone, reported leading pan-Arab newspaper al-Hayat.


Reliving Ramadan traditions

By Hina Zahir Imam / 5 Aug 2013

Muslims from around the world observe Ramadan in their unique ways. Every community welcomes the holy month with their distinctive traditions and practices. With the holy month coming to an end, we take a look at some interesting Ramadan customs in different parts of the world:


150-year-old religious treasure goes on display at mall for Ramadan

By Melanie Swan / 13 Jul 2013

A 150-year-old religious icon, the Damascene Mahmal, has been given a temporary home at Dubai Mall for Ramadan.

The hand-crafted treasure has silver and gold calligraphy on silk and was designed for transport on a camel.


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