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10 Habits of Highly Effective Muslim Wives

Source : Muslimworker / 17 Dec 2012

Listen and Be Supportive

One of the best things a Muslim Wife can do for her husband is be supportive. We all know the famous story of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him; after receiving revelation, he came straight home to his nurturing wife, Sayyidina Khadija, may Allah be pleased with her. She wasn’t on the phone with her girlfriend nor was she too busy on the computer, she was ready to comfort and listen.


The impact of Islamic teachings on women

By Sadaf Farooqi | OnIslam | 23 Nov 2012

The Qur’an is indeed a miracle that has withstood the test of time; not a single letter in it has changed over 14 centuries. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims memorize and preserve it in their hearts. It contains amazing scientific facts confirmed much later after their revelation. Allah, the Exalted, promised to protect and preserve it. He says, “Surely We have revealed the Reminder, and We will most surely be its Guardian.” (Qur’an, 15:9)


Women lawyers to be allowed into Saudi courts next month

Source : Arab News | 17 Oct 2012

The Saudi Ministry of Justice will permit women lawyers to practice the legal profession like their male counterparts from early next month.

The expert’s committee of the Council of Ministers sent to the ministry on Saturday the statutes governing entry of women lawyers to Saudi courts, where only men lawyers were allowed in the past.

According to a source, qualified women lawyers can approach the ministry to obtain the mandatory license to practice their profession.


UN Recognizes International Day of the Girl Child

Source : Agencies | 12 Oct 2012

The first United Nations International Day of the Girl Child was observed Thursday with a worldwide call to end child marriage.

The day was designed to recognize the rights of girls around the world and highlight the unique challenges they face.


Islam and sensuality: Muslim fashion designer covers up

By Sebastian Smith | AFP | 05 Sep 2012

Designers love to push boundaries in the search for that sexy catwalk look, but Nzinga Knight, an American Muslim, takes an even more daring tack: covering her models up.

At New York Fashion Week, which starts Thursday, impossibly tall, slinky creatures will sashay down the runways at Lincoln Center in clothes that can leave little to the imagination.


World Hijab Day: Muslims debate where the headscarf belongs

By Ilene Prusher | Correspondent | 04 Sept 2012

The roots of "World Hijab Day" were planted on this day in 2002, marking the day that France banned the wearing of the headscarf in schools. Ten years later, the presence of the veil in public life remains a lighting rod issue, from Europe to the Middle East to Asia. 


Raising children with deen and dunya

By Hina Khan-Mukhtar | SeekersGuidance | 21 Jun 2012

I still vividly remember the first night I spent by myself in the hospital after delivering my eldest son Shaan. The guests were gone for the day, the hallway lights were dimmed, the nurses were speaking outside my room in muted tones.

“Knock, knock!” came a cheerful voice from the doorway. “Someone’s hungry and wants his mommy!”


Siemens turns away headscarved internship applicant

Source : Agencies | 18 Jun 2012

A Siemens plant in İstanbul’s Kartal district reportedly refused to hire a young woman as an intern because of her headscarf.


The hijab has liberated me from society's expectations of women

Source : The Guardian | 29 May 2012

When you think of the hijab, you probably don't think "political". Or "independent". Or "empowered". Feminist? Certainly not – feminism is far better known for burnt bras and slut-walks than headscarves.

There is much misunderstanding about how women relate to their hijab. Some, of course, choose the headcover for religious reasons, others for culture or even fashion.


Rabia Basri: A role model for all Muslim women

By Abu Tariq Hijazi | ArabNews | 14 Apr 2012

Rabia Basri is a role model for all Muslim women. She rules on the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Born in 95 A.H. in Basra in a poor but respected family, she was the fourth daughter of her father.


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